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Scooter Rental in Tulum

Scooter Tulum Services, the first scooter rental agency in Tulum. We offer a full scooter rental experience and focus on customer satisfaction. Rent a scooter easily and start to enjoy Tulum to the fullest. Our team is at your service !

scooter rental in tulum

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best scooter rental company in tulum

How To Rent a Scooter in Tulum?

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Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Customized Scooter Rentals in Tulum

Scooter is the best way to move in Tulum, that’s why renting a scooter is one of the best decision you can make in order to enjoy your stay in Tulum to the fullest. 

Scooter Tulum Services Best Rental

Rent Your Scooter and Enjoy !

Move Easily, Feel Free, & Save Time with your Scooter !

Our Scooter rentals are on a daily basis (short-term scooter rentals), but you can also rent your scooter per week (mid-term scooter rentals) or per month (long term scooter rentals).

The more you rent, the cheaper it is!

Even for 24h, renting a scooter is probably the best option to move in Tulum.

Smart Scooter Rentals in Tulum

The rental price depends of the duration of your scooter rental:

The longer you rent, the cheaper it is !

Our team will be happy to help you to rent your scooter and to prepare your order on Whatsapp. Any question ? Just ask, we speak Spanish and English !

Vehicles Information

Scooter Rental in Tulum

Easy to drive, Fun, Economical:
Definitely the best way to move in Tulum !

Scooter Rental Benefits:
Skip Traffic, Park Easily, Save Money, Live a Funny Experience

Scooter’s Information:

  • 125 cc
  • 70 km/h (max speed)
  • 30 km/L
  • Automatic
  • 2 persons max
  • Color depends on availability
  • Comes with 2 helmets, locker, documents, insurance
best scooter rental company in tulum

A Simple and Efficient Process to Rent a Scooter With Us

If you are interesting in our scooter rental service, it’s very simple :

  1. Take a look on our website, you will find a lot of information about our scooter rental services in Tulum
  2. Order online via our rental booking tool, you can click here to get to the page
  3. If you have any question or struggle to book online you can contact us and chat with our rental manager ! The best way is to contact us on Whatsapp
  4. Pay your deposit online to confirm your rental
  5. Coordinate delivery and wait ! After you booked your scooter online, you have to coordinate your scooter with us, we will create a chat group to manage your rental with you and our team. In this group we can coordinate your delivery, talk about your rental, report any incident, or extend your rental. We make it easy for you !
  6. Get Delivered at your place and finish the transaction. You can enjoy your scooter in Tulum !
  7. Keep in touch, and receive a report of the transaction.

Why to Rent a Scooter With Us ?

If you think about renting a scooter in Tulum, you will find several options but be careful before making your decision. There are a lot of non professional people trying to rent scooters for cheap, but as we used to say : Cheap becomes expensive.

If you want to avoid mechanical issues with your vehicle, bad communication, non legal vehicles that create you troubles with police, and abusive deposit disputes… Don’t rent with amateurs and non-professional people.

Scooter Tulum Services is a registered and official mexican company that focuses on customer service ! 

Reliable Scooter Rental in Tulum


Raphael Lozano

Very happy with my rental experience. Prompt and courteous service. Their team was very flexible and available when I needed anything. They were also very fair with return of deposit even when a person in our group crashed his scooter. They only charged for estimated damages. Did not keep the whole deposit. Overall highly recommend!

Braden Fisco

Excellent communication and service. Good prices on scooters. Will for sure rent from this company again next time we are in Tulum. Highly recommend using this company over others for rentals. Excellent overall!

Morgane Bohn

We recommend this place to rent your scooter The team is great, and it was super easy to book a scooter . No need to go anywhere, just WhatsApp texts, and they come to you. They were really fast to provide a scooter even on a Sunday. The price is good and they are really trust full. We would contact them again if we come back to tulum

Hannah Hecht

Great service and communication was fantastic. So easy to rent a scooter and will definitely go through this company every time I’m here.

Yoojin Lee

We rented a scooter for 3 days at first but ended up renting it for 2 whole weeks since it was so convenient! Much cheaper than getting up charged every taxi ride and so much freedom! These guys are so easy to communicate with which made our trip a whole lot easier. We would definitely use it again on our next visit to Tulum!

All our testimonials are picked from our Google Business Page, with official and trustful customers reviews. You can see more reviews here.


What do you need to rent a scooter ?

You only need a picture of your driver license and a deposit of $3,000 MXN or $150 USD and you can rent a scooter !

Just remember the more you rent, the cheaper it is!

Delivery and Payment Information for your Scooter Rental Tulum 

Delivery Scooter Rental Tulum

We can deliver at your place wherever you are in Tulum. Once you confirmed your rental information, we coordinate your delivery to make it as easy as possible for you. You just have to wait and our delivery team will contact you and drop your scooter at your place.

We communicate at each step of your scooter delivery so you know at what time we will deliver. For last minute deliveries, we can usually drop your scooter in 30 minutes.

We deliver in Tulum Town, Aldea Zama, Veleta, and Tulum Beach. We can also deliver at our free meeting points in town.

Note : Some fees about Delivery and Pickup may be applied according to your location and the duration of your rental, ask us to get more details !

Online Payment Scooter Tulum

We know payment can be complicated when you just arrived… You are may be thinking about”How to pay deposit ?” or “How to pay the rental ?” and that’s totally normal. Scooter Tulum Services makes payment easy and let you choose what option do you prefer between the following ones :

  • You can pay your rental in cash (Pesos or US Dollars)
  • You can pay online by card (Secure payment with receipt)
  • You can pay your deposit in MXN, USD, EUR, CAD, or GBP
  • We can also help you to get some cash at the ATM

Note : All our transactions are tracked and written, so it’s clear and transparent for you and us.

Buy or Sell Scooter Service (NEW!)

Buy or Sell a Scooter in Tulum easily with us

For many different reasons, you can prefer to buy your own scooter than renting one, and that’s totally understandable. As a scooter rental agency, we are experimented in all the area of motorbike, that means we can handle almost everything about scooter business. That’s why we also offer the “buy or sell scooter service“.

Support & Assistance 

Your satisfaction is our priority! Scooter Rental Tulum 5 stars service 

Tulum Scooter Rental Agency illustration
We focus on customer experience, that’s why our customers are happy to rent with us and recommend our scooter rental service.

Contact us on Whatsapp

+52 984 135 1885

We know what it means to travel in a foreign country and we
want to make your experience as good as possible. You can
report any incident or ask for information at any moment and our
support team will help you and find the best solution to your
problem via Whatsapp.
We make it easy for you and take care of you!

Tulum Scooter Rental Agency illustration2
Don’t worry, you’re safe with us!

All our scooters are covered by insurance, that covers material damages, vehicle theft, and damage to third parties. We also include a full technical and mechanical assistance in our scooter rentals. Our “on the road assistance” is included in your rental in Tulum town and Tulum Beach zone.

Read more about our insurances.


Scooter Tulum Services is a scooter rental agency based in Tulum. Our company is legal and registered as an official mexican company. Our mission is to make your moves easy and fun in Tulum so you can enjoy your stay to the fullest !

We believe in service and communication, all our efforts are focused on providing you the best scooter rental experience in Tulum. Above all, we pay attention in every aspect of our relationship in order to make you feel cherished. All our team is highly trained and can communicate in different languages (English & Spanish). 

Tulum Scooter Rental Agency illustration3

Our Values

The key of success and of good relationships is communication. This is what we believe and what we provide to our customers. We always pay attention to make our communication efficient, responsive, and clear. We train our team to communicate with clarity, respect, and efficiency to offer the best scooter rental experience in Tulum. Moreover, our team speaks english, spanish, french, and italian. 

We know what our customers expect, that’s why they recommend us !

Punctuality is normal for some people but not for everyone. For Scooter Tulum Services, punctuality is a must ! Our customers are here to spend good times in Tulum and want to enjoy each day to the fullest. They do not have to wait, even for a few minutes. As we respect people and our customers, punctuality is one of our core values. Renting a scooter in Tulum with us means that we will respect timing and do not make you wait.
Empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s place. That means you are sensitive and focus on how other people feel. Scooter Tulum Services agency wants to make each customer happy and that involves empathy. We always try to find the best option for our customers and are win-win oriented. Empathy is important for us and part of our recruiting process. If you are not able to be empathetic with others, you can not be part of our team.
Quality leads to excellence, and excellence leads to success. To provide a high quality service is normal for us because it’s normal for us to respect our customers. A scooter rental is much more than a service: it’s an experience. This experience has to be qualitative from the beginning to the end. We rigorously check our vehicles frequently and we always look for improvement in our process. Our service is not cheap, because quality has a cost. Good reviews, and happy customers, are just the result of a qualitative service.

Rent Your Scooter and Enjoy !

Move Easily, Feel Free, & Save Time with your Scooter !

Book your scooter rental with us and start enjoying our 5 stars service now.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions about our Scooter Rental Tulum Service)

If you have a question or any doubt in mind, someone has probably asked before ! Take a look to our FAQ answers to get all the info you need in order to rent a scooter with us, or feel free to contact us directly. Our team will be happy to help you.

What kind of scooters do you rent?

We provide automatic scooters (moped bike), size engine is 125 cc. Max speed is around 60 to 70km/h and 2 people (normal size) can fits easily on the vehicle. Easy to drive and fun ! Contact us for more info smile

Where are you located?

As a modern and digitalized company, we do almost everything online and then deliver at your place! Of course we have a physical store, and you can visit us and we will receive you. Our store is located in the center of Tulum town, you will find the exact address in the Contact Section. 

How much is the delivery and pick up?

 We manage different prices for Delivery and Pickup service. Delivery and pickup can be free, in certain conditions. You can check our pricing table with delivery and pickup cost in our booking page. Delivery and pickup fees depends of the duration of your rental, of your location, and of the hour we delivery or pickup (our normal working hours are between 9:30am and 5:30pm).

We always provide free alternative at our store in Town.

Contact us for more info !

For how long can I rent?
Our Scooter Rentals have no limits. You can rent for few hours, for days, weeks or month. Note that our shortest rental is 24h period, so if you rent for only few hours, we will charge as a 24h rental.
Do I need a driver licence?
Yes, according to Mexico Law, and to make the insurance valid, you need a driver licence to rent a scooter with us. We ask a picture of your driver license and do not keep any physical document.
Do I need a credit card?

 Yes and no. With Scooter Tulum Services you do need a payment card to rent a scooter, but it can be credit or debit card. The deposit has to be paid online by card. The rental can be paid by cash or by card, it’s up to you.

What do I need as a warranty for the scooter?

We ask for a $3,000 MXN deposit that we will be given back when you return the scooter in good condition. You can pay your deposit online, and we will refund you at the end of your rental.

Can I extend my rental?

Yes, you can extend your rental. We manage a calendar and others bookings, so we recommend to our customers to let us know at least 48h before the end of their rental. 

What happens if I have an accident ?
We all want to avoid this situation, but if you have an accident, the first thing to do is to contact us, so we can assist you and help you the best way.
Police pick up the scooter, what should I do?
 This situation can happened if you did not respect the law or parked your vehicle in an inappropriate place. In this situation, we will assist you in the process to recover the scooter, but you will have to pay for the penalties expenses.
What does the insurance cover?

All our scooters are covered by insurance. Our insurance covers Liability to third persons and stolen vehicles. We also provide a stress free extended insurance. Read more about our insurances here.

What does the assistance service cover?

 Tulum is a beautiful place, but we know that roads are bad and incidents can happen… No worries, we are ready to help and assist you if you have any issue with your scooter during your rental ! Our assistance service will help you in any issue you could have with the scooter with in Tulum Town, and Tulum hotel and beach areas. Out of Tulum we will assist you, but will charge you.

Can I book a scooter in advance?

To book in advance is the best way to prepare your trip in Tulum, so you know your scooter will be waiting for you. You just have to book your scooter rental online and we will contact you. After that, your scooter rental will be confirmed, and your wheels will be waiting for you at your arrival. Book your scooter rental now here.

Can I cancel my rental before the agreed time?

Yes you can cancel, but we have to let you know some fees may be applied. For more information, please refer to our cancellation policies.

Scooter got damage during my rental, what will happen with my deposit?

We are honest and don’t like to take money on your deposit. We will not bother you for little details, we know how the weather and the roads are. But, in case of any serious damage, we will have to deduced the amount of the repairation from your deposit.

Any other questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact us on Whatsapp

+52 984 135 1885


The best way to contact us is on Whatsapp at +52 984 135 1885

Of course you can also visit us ! Our scooter rental agency is well located at the center of Tulum.

We are at :

  • 5 min walking from Aldea Zama,
  • 5min walking from Centro,
  • 8min from Veleta

Visit us at our store location !

Go to our store (will open google maps)


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We work and build partnership with properties managers, concierges, condominiums, hotels, trip agencies etc… Lear more about our partner program.

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