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Buy a scooter in Tulum

Buy or Sell a Scooter in Tulum easily with us

Buy or sell scooter service

For many different reasons, you can prefer to buy your own scooter than renting one, and that’s totally understandable. As a scooter rental agency, we are experimented in all the area of motorbike, that means we can handle almost everything about scooter business. That’s why we also offer the “buy or sell scooter service“.

How to buy a scooter in Tulum?

With the buy or sell scooter service, you can buy a scooter from our company. We have never used vehicles, and we also have used scooter on sale. In any case, documents and vehicle condition are carefully reviewed. According to your need and your budget, you will prefer to buy a brand new scooter or a second hand scooter.

If you are interested about buying a scooter, you can contact us via Whatsapp so our commercial agent will attend you and provide you information.

Note that you can buy from us, and sell us again your scooter. This can be usefull if you stay for a while and want to deal with professionals. Of course, we need to find an interesting price.

How to sell a scooter in Tulum?

To sell a scooter in Tulum, you have two options. The first one is to announce it by yourself and meet a particular buyer that is interested to buy your scooter. Then, you have to close the deal and to prepare all the documents to give to the new owner. You have to check you do have all the documents if not the new owner will not be able to put the vehicle at his name and it can generates some troubles…

The second option is to deal with Scooter Tulum Services agency and to enjoy our buy or sell scooter service. That means we will buy your scooter, and make sure the transaction is safe and every details are considered. This option is easier for you, so you don’t have to worry about finding some one ready to buy your scooter and about eventual trap or scam. To sell us your scooter, please contact us via whatsapp with the button below so our team can attend you.

Note that you can sell us your scooter, and buy with us a scooter later when you’ll come back. This can be usefull if you have to leave for a while and want to deal with professionals. Of course, we need to find an interesting price.

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