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Our Insurances : Stress Free Experience

All our rentals include basic insurance. With the other levels of insurance you will have better assistance and coverage. In any case, we make sure you can enjoy your stay and move easy that’s why if anything happens we usually try to provide you a new vehicle as soon as possible. 

Please note that in any case we can not cover you in personal damages and hospital expenses. That’s why we recommend you to have a valid medical insurance.

Also, as any vehicle insurance you need to contact us as soon as an incident happens to you or to your vehicle so we can contact our insurance company provider and make the insurance valid. 

Comparative table, scooter tulum services insurances

Add the EXTENDED INSURANCE to enjoy your rental to the fullest !

Add Insurance to your scooter rental !

… because of the vehicle fault
…because of your fault
… because toe took your scooter
… because you lost some equipments
… because your vehicle is stolen*
… because vehicle is damaged*
We will assist you with a new vehicle ASAP !
*Assistance and coverage depend both of the insurance level you subscribed 

Anything that can happen to your vehicle, you will receive a new one for free ASAP.

Problems are part of life. The most important is to know how to anticipate them and fix them once we have to face them. Providing a new vehicle is how we fix most of the issues so you can enjoy your stay in Tulum and do not have to deal with any issues. We make it easy for you and focus on customer service.

Note : the basic insurance option is included in all our rentals for free.