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Renting a scooter with us is the best choice you can make to enjoy your stay in Tulum ! But, there are some rules and instructions you have to accept :

  1. Always use your helmet when you drive
  2. Never be more than 2 people riding the scooter
  3. Respect the local driving rules
  4. Assistance (priority, level of assistance and cost) depends of your insurance option (basic vs extended), please make sure to read article 15 of our terms and conditions about what is included in the basic insurance. Please note that in any case we can not cover you in personal damages and hospital expenses. That’s why we recommend you to have a valid medical insurance.
  5. Do not drive if you drunk or did drugs
  6. We recommend you to stay inside Tulum. In case you want to go out of Tulum you assume your own risks, any assistance could generate extra cost.
  7. You accept you communicate with us if anything happens to you or to the vehicle
  8. You accept to follow our communication preferences (written text message via whatsapp on the group of your rental)
  9. The customer in charge of the rental must be physically present during a transaction with our team (check-in, check-out, vehicle change, payment etc…), STS could consider a non-show and an extra cost could be applied in case the customer does not respect this condition
  10. Do not rent the scooter to someone else
  11. Do not park the scooter in an inappropriate place (especially on the hotel zone)
  12. In case of extension of your rental, you accept that we can refuse and that’s why we recommend to ask at least 48h before the end of your rental
  13. In case of cancellation, surcharge can be applied and deduced from your deposit
  14. Delivery and pick-up can involve fees depending of the duration of your rental and the address of the delivery/pickup.
  15. Driving test has to be done at check-in to confirm the good capacity of the customer to drive the vehicle and also to report any detail. This test can be successful or failed, and so our team can cancel the rental if the risk is estimated as too high. Also, please note that insurance does NOT cover this driving test.
  16. Insurance covers third person damages, damages to the vehicles, and stolen scooter (it does not cover personal driver injuries)
  17. In these following cases a deductible cost may be applied : stolen vehicle (20%), damaged vehicle (10%) + administrative fees (1500 pesos)
  18. In case these following items are lost, we may deduced the value in parenthesis from your deposit : helmet (500 pesos), vehicle key (350 pesos), extra trunk key (350 pesos), Trunk ( 1500 pesos), lock key (350 pesos), Lock (450 pesos), Documents (200 pesos)
  19. Vehicle has to be returned with at least 50% of gas (if not, an extra cost of 200 pesos can be applied)
  20. Deposit will be return at the check-out or in the next 72h following your checkout, unless the vehicle shows signs of damages
  21. Any change to the check-out time could generate an extra charge
  22. Our Working hours are from 9:30am to 5:30pm with a lunch break between 12:30pm and 2:00pm. (Extended hours are from 8am to 8pm and can generate extra costs)
  23. In case you pay us in another currency than mexican peso you accept our own change rate (Our change rates are : 1 USD = 15.50 MXN, 1 € = 16.50 MXN, 1 GBP =17.50 MXN )
  24. Online payment and card payment involve fees and are restricted by conditions like a minimum amount to pay or a minimum rental duration
  25. We decline all responsibility in case of any accidents or troubles with police
  26. When you meet our delivery team, any delay longer than 20min can be considered as a non-show and extra costs can be applied
  27. Make sure you have the exact amount at payment, our delivery team could not have the change
  28. In case of change at payment, we can give your change in mexican pesos instead of your currency
  29. In case of late return, you accept we can charge 500 pesos per day consumed
  30. Our service includes a road assistance that means if any incident happens we will help you and assist you. To fix the issue, we first try to assist you remotely, and then we provide you a new vehicle. If it’s not possible for any reason, we will try to repair your current vehicle and fix the issue asap. Assistance is included in your rental inside Tulum and at the tulum’s beach. Out of Tulum, this service will have a cost.
  31. In case you have payments pending at the end of your rental, you accept our company to charge you directly on your credit card to regularize your pending payments. These payments can be : rental to pay or partially paid, extension to pay or partially paid, delivery or transactions fees, damages or lost items, and any type of penalty or fine.
  32. For any unecessary rescue or move, caused by the customer, our company is free to charge the customer according to our zoning pricing.
  33. For any special demand and service provided by our company, the customer is aware and accept that any extra service could involve an extra cost.
  34. LAST AND MOST IMPORTANT : ENJOY your stay in Tulum !